Simon Pegg is the New Scotty


Image: leiabox

Simon Pegg, co-writer and star of Hot Fuzz (fantastic), Shaun of the Dead (wonderful), and Spaced (best ever) has been cast as Scotty in the upcoming Star Trek motion picture reboot. Awesome!

I am unabashedly excited about this new Star Trek flick. The casting has all been interesting without being too close for comfort.

Simon Pegg to star in new Star Trek movie []

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  1. I’m sure that Simon Pegg will be awesome, but I dread the results of the overall project.. it could be good, but it’s more likely to be terrible.

  2. A point not in it’s favor is that it’s the eleventh movie. Tradition has it that the even numbered ST movies don’t suck. But what Nemesis started for ending that tradition, this movie might finish. (Hopefully!)

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