Vax 77 Folding Music Keyboard


The Infinite Response Vax 77 keyboard not only folds in half for easy storage in an aircraft's overhead locker, but will feature polyphonic aftertouch. (Press the keys harder after they're depressed to add extra effects, such as zazz, very much unlike pianos or organs.) Both features make this 77-key unit a bespoke affair, sure to be super-duper spendy.

Product Page [ via Music Thing]

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One Response to Vax 77 Folding Music Keyboard

  1. Simon Greenwood says:

    Looks very nice, but it’s still apparently vapourware, and I just noticed that the patch editor software is Windows-only (well, it says PC, but we know what that usually means). Remind me again, what computer do an awful lot of musicians use?

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