Eye-Fi: Add Wi-Fi to Any Camera (with SD)


The "Eye-Fi" is a brilliantly simple device: a flash memory card with a Wi-Fi chip inside. As long as you remain in range of your computer's network, the Eye-Fi will automatically transfer any image you snap to your computer, where it can then be uploaded to the web manually or with the Eye-Fi software. (And it would be simple to set up some automatic uploading for instant uploads as soon as you take a snapshot if you wanted a custom solution.)

Gizmodo's Mark Wilson has a quick hands-on and says the Eye-Fi works "flawlessly" and doesn't have a noticeable drain on battery life. It's $100 for a 2GB version, which may not be a huge amount of flash memory, but considering it only really works as a buffer for later uploading that should suffice. If only they had a CF version, which would greatly simplify my Byzantine DSLR uploading rig for mobile reporting.

Product Page [Eye.fi]

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  1. Looks like their website is down (and they didn’t configure a custom WordPress error page).

    Oh wait, just reloaded that tab and it’s working now. This would be great for my wife’s camera. She takes tons of pictures of the kids, but I never remember to upload them on a regular basis. You could also use something to keep a WiFi enabled picture frame up to date with your latest photos.

  2. Not only does this make remote spy cameras very easy to set up, it also provides live access to private photoshoots. Imagine if someone replaced the SD cards in every family members camera, disguising them by peeling off the lable. Such a person would have instant and secret updates of every photo taken withing a few hundred meters of the base station. Bloody perverts!

  3. re: smaller EVDO computer.

    I bought a Cradlepoint EVDO<>WiFi router early on, and got an email from them that a battery powered version was coming. Who needs a computer?


  4. This may make nice high res security cameras affordable by mortals. (Ever priced a Pelco multi-megapixel CCTV camera?)

    You can get a nice Leica-lensed Panasonic or Canon for a few hundred bucks, throw one of these cards in, have it automatically take pictures, and have the server convert and store or upload them. Oh man. I need to go to bed and work on this tomorrow, but it’s calling to me already. [goes to check out the link and see if I can order it yet…]

  5. awesome! was saving up for the ($500) wifi adapter for my camera. now i can have wifi AND a new lens! thanks, joel! you’re the bomb (and not in a ‘oh crap, now the flight’s gonna be delayed for hours’ kind of way…;)

  6. Zandr, why wait? According to this guy, you can use a Tekkeon MyPower battery to power your Cradlepoint. I’m thinking the combo would be good for people documenting a protest or other event where someone is likely to try and take (or force you to erase) your camera, or for a news reporter.

  7. Kurt-

    Thanks for the pointer… The battery/Cradlepoint combo will fit nicely in the back pocket of a photo vest, giving you continuous, real-time uploads. Very cool.


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