Freeplay Foundation Developing "LifeLight" for Africa

The Freeplay Foundation, whose wind-up radios have been distributed to over 150,000 people in Africa over the last few years, is taking a stab at distributing wind-up lights. (Kerosine lamps, used in much of the developing world, are very dangerous in both daily use and for long term health.)

The Freeplay LifeLight project aims to provide crank-powered lights that can replace kerosene and other traditional lamps. There's no information on price, unfortunately, but the plan to build a local repair infrastructure sounds promising:

She said the Foundation was adopting a similar approach to that used for the wind-up Lifeline radio to get the lights to families.
Instead of just giving the lights out and then leaving, the Foundation aims to recruit women who will sell the lights and be trained to repair and maintain them for customers.

Wind-up lights for African homes [BBC]

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