Bug Labs Shows Off Final Hardware


Bug Labs, makers of the snap-together modules that can assembled to create custom gadgets, have released more details about the "BUGbase," the hub into which all the other Bug modules will snap. The translucent white plastic has a healthy glow.

When I first heard of the Bug Labs project I wasn't sure if I'd be comfortable carrying around a Bug unit in public. I would not be ashamed to whip out this unit. And the LCD screen is touch-sensitive! That answers several of my interface questions right there.

Product Page [BugLabs.net]

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  1. Still not sure how/if this is different from an old Handspring PDA with an extra expansion slot…

  2. I have to second Jack. This is not quite what it was built up to be. It really does seem to be a HAndspring Visor with a smaller screen, a proprietary OS, fewer modules, and a larger form factor.

  3. Aww, now look what you’ve made me do. It’s another little Linux thingy that I have to buy. Still, I think I’ll hold on until they’ve got the bugs out of the transporter.

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