Gamerator: Arcade Cabinet + Kegerator Redefines "Homebrew Games"


Sweet Jumping Pac-Messiah, this is a thing of endorphin-dumping beauty: The "Gamerator," a full-size MAME cabinet with a refrigerated interior that holds a pony keg that releases a stream of malty beer from a tap in front. It's available for auction right now on eBay starting at $2k (including a full list of games for which I highly suspect the makers do not have the proper licenses; maybe they should remove the list from the auction.)

Time to stock up on Depends, friends.

(My winter project is still going to be a chest-freezer-based kegerator/homebrew fermenting cooler, but man. Now I feel like I'm going to have to nerd it up a notch.)

THE GAMERATOR: Arcade Cabinet / Kegerator Hybrid! [eBay via via Geekologie] (Thanks, Sir Pork of Musket!)

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  1. This thing is absolutely brilliant. The only improvement, in my opinion, would be to put it in an old Root Beer Tapper cabinet. The gray is a little dull, I like the goofy cartoons and primary colors of old-school cabinets.

  2. This is a “peanut butter and chocolate” moment if I ever saw one. Two great tastes that taste great together!

  3. Given that arcade cabinets take up a lot of space (speaking as someone who until a few years ago had a basement filled with about eight classic games) this is a pretty ingenious use of space.

    I’m not 100% sure that emulation is the way to go for the purest, but if you’re going to have a mut of a system then go for the gusto and house a keg while you’re at it…

  4. Son of a bitch stole my idea!!

    The one I’m making is slightly different, for a better drinking/gaming experience. It also uses a full size keg.

  5. Read the auction more carefully. It says right near the top in big bold font:
    “Pre-loaded with 187 licensed classic arcade games”
    Note the use of the word “licensed” ? And yes, thats quite easily possible, you can buy CD’s that have dozens (or hundreds) of licensed arcade games on them.
    As a random couple examples that I found after only a quick search:
    Taito Legends
    Midway Arcade Treasures
    Retro Arcade Classics

    Those are all packs of legit fully licensed arcade games you can get for the PC. And there are many more.

    Please edit your story to reflect this, and next time you might want to read the auction description more carefully 🙂

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