Lancome "Le Magnetique": Magnetic Nail Polish


Makeup house Lancome has a new nail polish called "Le Magnetique" which is infused with metallic particles. Before the second coat of varnish dries, holding the bottle's built-in magnet over your nails will align the particles in a star-shaped pattern familiar to anyone who has played with magnets and iron filings.

That is how you do nerdy products for women! (Or, yes, men who wear nail polish.) Who gives a rat's ass about a pink product when you can get one with extra science?

Rumor has it that this is available at Nordstrom for $17, but I didn't see it on their website. You can buy it on eBay, but it's 44 bucks, which is a bit nutso.

Glamourous Nails with Lancome Magnetic Nail Varnish [Coolest-Gadgets via (the charming) All Lacquered Up]

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  1. It’s £14 at Boots (but not on their website), but it’s also a tiny tiny bottle, about a third of the size of a regular bottle of nail polish.

    However, if you go in and look at the sample bottle, you can see the magnetic effect at work, and it is unbelievably awesome. I’d love to see what happens with a different magnet. Would you get the same star effect? Or could you theoretically write in your own nail polish?

  2. This is awesome! I’d willingly pay the $17 to glam up my toenails for summertime flip-flop wearing! Nevermind the experimentation potential…I’m thinking two magnets on different parts of the same nail, for a sci-fi “my toe has two suns” effect.

  3. seriously? for $17 I can get a pedicure, including calf massage, and have any design I want painted on my nails.

    That is NOT how you do nerdy products for women.

  4. When I saw the “magnetic nail polish” headline my first thought was that someone had developed nail polish with little bits of rare-earth magnets in it that would let you pick up paperclips and other small metal objects with your fingernails.

    This is cool, but it’s just not quite the same…

  5. Who wants a stranger rubbing their feet? Not me! I wonder if they could rig it so the metallic bits also glow in the dark…

  6. Rumor has it that this is available at Nordstrom for $17

    Shouldn’t that be “Nerdstrom”? Just sayin’.

  7. Sad news: it appears that it’s already begun selling out in Nordstroms. The two stores in my area that I called both said they had sold out and would not be getting any more in as it was a seasonal color. So it looks like tough luck for the nerdy glam girls, at least in Columbus.

  8. Yeah, I had the same magnetic hopes. It’d be a great way to de-magnetize all your friends cards at parties or bar mitzvahs or weddings.

  9. I really think you should remove this photo. It’s a private photo not meant for public use, you could at least ask her permission before stealing her image.

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