"Bindeez" Bead Toy Holds Mind Altering Surprise


An extremely popular toy in Australia, the "Bindeez" bead pen, has been banned across the country after it was discovered that the beads, if ingested, metabolize into gamma-hydroxybutyrate, known on the street as "GHB." GHB causes a feeling of euphoria in lower doses, but can cause a loss of consciousness at higher doses.

I've heard it can also cause you to periodically nod off into a nightmare zone, only to return from your momentary terror with no memories of the experience besides an aftertaste of panic, which fades quickly enough in the alcohol-like euphoria to make you forget that the next descent into the punk-and-bloat dimension is just seconds away.

Anyway, they'll be off the shelves soon if they aren't already. Buy now!

Bindeez toy recalled over drug fears [News.com.au via Consumerist]

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