Bit Cover for Drilling Through Carpet


This "carpet cutter and drill guide" will probably be useful to nearly none, but I get a kick out of discovering products so highly specialized. This little bit cover will cut through carpet cleanly, preventing severed fibers from wrapping around your bit, making it easy to drill through a covered floor to install a wire, cable, or surreptitious fiber optic spy camera. It's available from a specialty shop that makes gear for those in the telecom industry and sells for $32.

Drill Snag-Free Holes Through Carpet []

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  1. there’s a double entendree in in here but I just can’t bring myself down to that level (at least for today – I’m going to Sizzler!)

  2. verryy useful…esp if it works on lighter fabrics as well…although turning a curtain into a relief map of a hurricane in a microsecond is fun too

  3. Another tool that would be exactly what I needed the one time that I needed it. Too bad I did not have it at the time. Of course if I had it it would have been in my shop drawer at home and not in my tool bucket at the job site when I needed it.

  4. Alternately, you could file the outside circumference of the edge of a small pipe, and use it to twist back and forth until you cut out a hole in the carpet, for about 50 cents.

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