"Technology Crisis": Videogame Soundtrack Sans Game


I've been enjoying the work of "Cicada" this morning, specifically his two albums "Technology Crisis" and "Technology Crisis II," both done with heavy 8- and 16-bit flavors, to give the impression of a videogame soundtrack. Both albums are online for free, but donations are of course appreciated. (I threw him some cash.)

Sample "Earth's Assault on the Central A.I.," the standout track on the first album, to see if you might enjoy the feel.

In an interview with Destructoid, Cicada said:

You mentioned it was 16-bit style, I'd like to clarify that I wanted kind of a fusion of 16-bit, 8-bit and modern synthesis sounds to create a weird, unique hybrid that stands apart from other game music. Technology Crisis II is also a bit cleaner sounding, as if it's on the "next gen" system from the first.

Artist Page [CicadaCom.com via MeFi]

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