Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma Robot Available for Import

This programmable Tachikoma, based on the mecha from Ghost in the Shell, will be on sale from importer Audiocubes for $200 in February. I'm about to cry real human tears of joy as I listen to the squeals of the darling little death bot.

bandai tachikoma programmable robot [Technabob]

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  1. This isn’t the same robot that Audiocube has on offer – they’re selling a much smaller version (10cm or so each way) that doesn’t have as many degrees of freedom (if it can move at all – it may just be a fancy speaker with some LEDs). The one in the video is a much more complicated project by a robotics student and there are no plans to mass-produce it.

    Also, with 19 joints, it’d be a lot more than $200. Take a look at some of the other robot kits that Audiocubes sells for a more realistic price.

    I’m disappointed as well – I get a tear in my eye every time I watch *that* episode.

  2. Sadly KStop is correct – there is little-to-no actual robotics here. The primary eye-sphere can swivel, that’s it. It also has some LED’s and a speaker.

    There are more details here:

    Almost makes me want to buy another Tachikoma model expressly to pull it apart and integrate servos into it…

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