Apple Must Be Outsourcing Its Customer Service for Christmas

I've been trying to get a replacement battery for my Macbook Pro for two weeks. The wait times on the phone support line have been interminable, but I figured that with the launch of Leopard they were probably swamped, so I kept dropping off after 5 minutes and calling back every few days.

Today I stuck a headset in my ear while I was working and waited on hold. The first person I got, after 10 minutes or so, said they needed to direct me to another department. Here is what the second person, after a 25-30 minute wait said:

"I see from your serial number you have a Macbook Pro."

Yes, I replied.

"Is this a portable computer?"

When I replied—incredulous—that it was, the man said there was a special "portables" department and shuffled me back directly into the same queue I had been in before.

Total wait time: 45 minutes.

Total problems solved: 0.

Both these guys were Indian while Apple's tech support tends to be American. I couldn't care less what the nationality of Apple's reps are, but their normally exemplary customer service is seriously (anecdotally) in the shitter at the moment.

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