Avurt IM-5: Non-Lethal Pain Ball Launcher


Since disciplined muggers put pepper spray in their morning tea as a mild stimulant—a "stick-me-up"—the self-protection industry must dutifully push ahead in the arms-over-your-head race. Pelargonic acid vanillyamide (PAVA), despite the savory implications of its name, is a non-lethal cocktail supposedly even stronger than the capsicum-based sprays, especially when dispersed as a cloud in the face of those attempting to dispurse you.

The Avurt IM-5 is a pocket-sized ejector, shooting pellets filled with PAVA with the power of compressed nitrogen up to 40 feet. (It's a basically a small paintball gun.) And if your aim gets a little shaky as you're being accosted, the IM-5 even has a laser sight. This is one case where aiming a laser at the eyes is probably okay.

The IM-5 can be bought from Avurt directly for $300 and is available in variety of colors, including pink. Rounds cost more—16 for $30—but surely you won't need to purchase them that often.

Product Page [Avurt.com via Oh Gizmo via Gizmag]

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  1. What I want to know is how well it would work against something like a bear. I’ve heard of pepper spray being used to repel bears, I wonder if this would be as effective.

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