, Another Repair/Recycling Joint


The New York Times blogger Brad Stone profiles "," a nice little recycling and repair shop that specializes in iPods, iPhones, and game consoles.

Mr. Mosley pays anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the item and its health, and then either fixes and resells it online or scraps it for parts. He says his company is profitable but that the venture is not solely about that kind of green. "There's definitely a market here, but I am keeping leads and toxic wastes out of the ground. They work hand in hand," he said. "I figure I've probably kept thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills." ... He has not heard from Apple about his fledgling business, but notes that the company appears to be generally hostile to this kind of repair aftermarket, since they are making their devices increasingly difficult to open. "I don't think they want people opening them up and repairing them," he said. "That would be awesome if they would be a little cooler about that, but obviously they are a company and their motivation is profit, unfortunately."

If nothing else, they've got a cute logo.

Turning Nonworking Gizmos Into Money []

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