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  1. let me get this right. $24 bucks for a watch that looks like you bought it for $3 from a gas station on a back road in arkansas? No, no I think I’ll just not do that.

  2. It reminds of the Casio’s I used to use all the time when I was a kid – they had a built-in alarm that you could set in 15 minute increments with one button push, up to 2 hours. That was how I made sure I got home for Dinner. They were also $15, so it didn’t matter that I lost 4 of them.

    I don’t wear watches anymore, but I’m all about the Kyokusen at Tokyoflash. I’m thinking of ordering it just to wear when I go out.

  3. I’m not especially a Duran Duran fan or anything, but if the alarm was a woman’s voice moaning “aaaAAAH” as in the fadeout to “Hungry Like the Wolf”, I’d consider buying it.

  4. $24 isnt a bad price for this. I tried buying a cheapie digital watch at K-Mart and they’re at least $30. And that’s for 90s retro which is definitly not as cool as 80s retro.

  5. looks cool in white resin body, Casio lcd watches are still famous in all ages.

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