Magnum, P.I. on European Mobile Phones


A Germany company is released a side-scrolling platform game for mobile phones starring hit '80s crime fighter Magnum, P.I.

Specifically developed to be played on your mobile phone, Magnum P.I is a fast and furious platform game. You are Thomas Magnum, ex US- Navy seal turned private investigator, and it's your job to scour Hawaii for known criminals in your loud beach shirts. Make sure you pick up as much of the stolen loot as possible along the way to ensure you get enough evidence to catch the gangsters. You can use the information provided by your buddie T.C. as he flies you around in his famous helicopter.

I love Magnum, albeit mostly in a fond memories/ironic way. (Although I was extremely proud of my Detroit Tigers hat as a child.)

Magnum P.I. "Wowing The Ladies" On Your Phone [Kotaku]

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