TwoDaLoo: Inexplicable Twin Toilet


The "TwoDaLoo" is a frightening two-throne toilet that is sold as a way to get closer to your partner. "Saves rocky marriages," claims the ad copy. In all my relationships, I can't once think that the missing element was to face my partner across a cold porcelain fence, hands clasped, staring wide-eyed into each other's grimacing face. I'll admit: it's easier than having someone sit on my lap aligned just so.

Even better? The TwoDaLoo is good for the environment, for both bowls are washed clean with a single flush. Your sense of environmental responsibility so assuaged, perhaps you might consider upgrading to the advanced model, which includes a seven-inch LCD TV and iPod docking station.

The TwoDaLoo costs $1,400 in bulk orders of 12 units.

Product Page [] (Thanks, Josh!)

Update: Tommy passed us this video from SNL for the "Love Toilet," a parody commercial from the '90s that is the exact same idea, right down to the single flush.

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  1. You gotta wonder what the size of the production run was on something like this.

    Putting aside for a moment the awfulness of the idea (I know, it’s hard, but work with me here…), that looks like a fairly technically challenging porcelain cast.

    Somebody did a masterful pitch to the investors on this one.

  2. wasn’t this one of the fake adverts that Saturday Night Live did? I believe the tag was “The Lover’s Toilet”. For when you just aren’t spending enough time with that special someone…

  3. If there is a couple out there right now who is willing to tell me that sharing a bodily-function moment will bring them closer together, I will pay the $1,400 to have this shipped to you.

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