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The "IceDozer Plus" purports to be more than just a flimsy ice scraper, capable of removing tenacious ice with a minimum of effort. Its main gimmick are "carbide style Tenderizers™" on one side of the scraper, which when smashed down into the ice, crack the ice without scratching your windows. The loosened ice scrapes apart more easily using the traditional blade on the other side. There's even a mini "Pocket Dozer" that slides out from the IceDozer Plus that can be used for mirrors or any other oddly-shaped bits of glass.

I haven't scraped ice off a car window in over half a decade, but I used to loathe it. Dropping a $20 on IceDozer Plus—if it works—still intrigues me. I mean, it's yellow. Everybody knows yellow things are tough.

My worst ice scraping experience? I had this old Ford minivan that my mom gave me, the ones that looked vaguely like shuttlecraft. Aerostar, I think. It had ridges along the top, presumably to better sluice rain off the back while driving.

We had a big ice storm one year. A sheet of ice, probably four inches thick, had built up on the top of the van. Enough that I was worried about it coming off when I was driving down the highway to work. It could have killed someone.

I hammered the top of the ice with my fists for a few minutes, when it finally cracked in two. It was then I realized I was parked on a slope. The ridges on the top of the van, now ice-filled, guided the sheet off the roof and down the windshield, shearing off the entire wiper assembly.

From then on, every time it rained, I had to pull over. Preferably under an overpass watching the rain as semis blew past. I loved that van.

Product Page [ via Toolmonger]

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6 Responses to IceDozer Plus Scraper

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Carbide style”?

    To match the titanium-style yellow frame and the carbon-fiber-style scraper blade, right?

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    No wipers? Jeepers.

    I’ve been battling frost, ice and snow every morning for the last two weeks. I want a version of the Ice Dozer that’s red with black flames and cackles evilly when I approach the car. I want something that scares the ice off.

  3. RussNelson says:

    This is the best ice scraper I’ve ever used. The two-hand arrangement lets you put your body into it.

  4. Smurf says:

    Bah. My favorite method of ice removal involves a bucket of hot water, poured over the windows. (Not all at once!)

    That method also keeps the windscreen from immediately frosting over again, which in turn means that I don’t need to sit there waiting with the motor running until it’s hot enough inside to keep it ice-free. (Obviously (hopefully) driving with a frosted-over window is Not An Option.)

    People keep warning me that this exercise will shatter the windscreen, but so far that hasn’t happened yet.

  5. dculberson says:

    Ever since I cracked my windshield trying to get ice off, I just gave up and let the car melt the ice. If it’s too thick, I let the heat soften it enough to break it apart with my hands. Sometimes it takes 10-15 minutes, but I shouldn’t be in a hurry to drive somewhere if it’s that frozen and icy out.

  6. Hello Fitchburg says:

    I had an older version of this that had a separate snow brush. The brush broke halfway through the season, but the ice scraper is still going strong.

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