Make Fireplace Logs Out of Old Newspaper


I love fire. It's the best. So simple. So easy to understand. Sometimes I think I smoke cigarettes just so I can keep a lighter around.

Which is to say: I don't have a fireplace. This winter I'll be snuggling up to an electric heater with a mug of warm Gatorade, as per traditional in New York. Naked and alone, slathered in Chinese take-out, exactly as each of my friends instructed me to do when I asked them if I could come over for the holidays.

Which is to try again to say: I have no need for a "Newspaper Brick Maker," a device with which to smoosh damp newspaper into bricks for burning in the fireplace. It's nowhere as good as recycling the paper, of course. In fact, it's probably worse than just throwing it away, since it will release the carbon into the air instead of going back into the ground.

Which is to finally say: I guess don't buy this $30 press. But I think that it's a neat idea. Pity about that whole environment thing.

Catalog Page [ via Oh Gizmo]

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