eTime Home Endoscope Reviewed (Verdict: Disgustingly Effective)


Legendary gadgets proto-blogger Dan Rutter has reviewed the "eTime-home-endoscope," a AU$100 web cam with a bevy of attachments that be used to stuff it into your local Katie Couric. To whit: the picture on the right, which shows all the stray hairs that reside inside Dan's keyboard. I'm hungry already!

If you want to take still pictures of some nook or cranny without the vignetting of the attachments, it's easy enough to use the camera with nothing on the end of it at all. You lose the ability to adjust focus on the fly, and any gunk in the object you're photographing will of course be able to get on the camera (you could avoid this by putting a layer of plastic wrap over the lens, at the cost of making focus adjustment even more annoying). But the results may well be worth it.

I don't actually see an American vendor for the device after a quick Googlin', but like many Chinese gadgets, it'll probably find its way into a local online crap vendor under some brand or another.

ETime Home Endoscope ("Digital Pen Camera") [Dan's Data]

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