Liquid Image Snorkel Mask with Built-in Camera


The Liquid Image is a relatively inexpensive snorkeling mask with a built-in digital camera, available in 3.1- and 5-megapixel versions starting at $100. Tiny crosshairs on the mask give you some idea of how well framed your picture may be, while embedded LEDs let you know the camera's in picture-taking mode. A MicroSD slot offers memory expansion.

Besides the obvious issues of getting the focus correct, I think it's pretty neato. It's certainly one less thing to try to carry when you're in the water, although it's a pity it's only rated to 15 feet. (The camera, I presume, not the mask.)

It looks like the mask is being made by a toy company, too, which usually means the price drop will be fairly swift. I wouldn't mind trying one of these out.

Teaser Product Page [ via Krunker via Technabob]

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  1. “Correct focus” is hardly a problem here. This is a fixed-focus lens, where everything from a couple inches to a couple hundred feet is always sharp (enough).

  2. As for the depth rating, I have a feeling this device was built with pools in mind rather than the ocean.

    What red blooded teenage boy wouldn’t willingly part with $100 for the opportunity to snap underwater “spy” photos of girls swimming at the community pool?

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