Demonic Dismembered Baby Head Theremins


Rich writes:

I was looking at theremins on ebay and found this terrifying one made out of baby boll's head with glowing satanic eyes!

If that doesn't give you guys Norwegian wood, I don't know this cantankerous, weirdo audience. Even better, it appears the seller has made several different ones, all in the $75 range, so if you want to wave your hands around a baby's head to coax out strange whines you can do it far more cheaply than possible with a real baby. (At least when you factor in blood stain removal, prison time, etc.)

I'm calling it: Borg baby head theremin is totally the hot indie rock trend of '08.

Auction Page [] (Thanks, Rich!)

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  1. Hey! I own one of these! I won it at my friend’s birthday party.

    But as one totally pretentious nerd at the party pointed out to me, it isn’t a theremin per se, but theremin-like. It doesn’t 2 antennae for pitch and volume control, just one beam atop the baby’s soft spot that controls pitch. Still, very fun and creepy. The LED’s are also set deep in the eyes, so it looks like the baby’s eyes are following you as you walk past.

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