JVC Makes Wooden Earbuds


JVC Victor has made some new earbuds that are encased in real birch wood, which likely adds nothing at all to the aural quality, but does trigger my contractually obligated need to fawn over them. They'll be $130ish when they're released in Japan in February.

Note I did not put these in the "Green" category. If they'd been wrapped in needless bamboo I might have been able to sort of sneak them in, but nope.

JVC to launch wooden ear buds [SlipperyBrick.com]

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  1. green shmeen, these just look cool. And you know, the wood they use is probably scrap, so it’s kinda green.

  2. Uh, wait, I thought that wood veneer electronics were a thing of the 80’s?
    Does this mean if I wait long enough JVC will release earbuds made from Bakelite?

  3. Hey, I thought you’d at least notice the wooden ones Amadana has (buds) been selling the last couple of ears (http://en.amadana.com/product/pe117/pe117.html) considering the post on their safety precautions te other day. 🙂 I have them and they sound quite nice. Buds are often frowned upon in the headphone community of elitism (though luckily, there’s a wind of change, especially with the introduction of the ugly but good Yuin fex)…

  4. at #3: Wood veneer is the new “houndstooth.” It goes away for a few years, shunned for being old timey or kitch-y, and then later re-embraced for the same reasons.

  5. I think the review missed the whole point of this ear bud. Yes, the enclose is made of wood, and the vibrating plate is also made of wood. Go check out their new wood cone speaker. You will be surprise how they get the idea out of sake. 🙂

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