Love Mattress Prototype by Mehdi Mojtabvi


Although I shudder to think what sort of crusty bits my dog would find a way to insinuate into the slats, I think this "Love Mattress" concept by Mehdi Mojtabvi may have something to it. The middle section of the mattress is broken into slats, making it possible to wrap your arms around someone without cutting off your circulation, or sleep on your belly while sticking your feet straight down. The trick would be to make the slats tight enough that they would hold together when you weren't trying to use them, while still loose enough that they wouldn't squeeze too tightly when in use.

If someone does bring it to market, they probably shouldn't call it the "Love Mattress," despite that there may be a few lonely sleepers who may do just that.

Project Page [ via Freshome via InventorSpot]

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  1. Seems like it would feel like sleeping on the mats they used for “tumbling” and crap when you were in elementary school.

  2. I’d probably dig my toes into it for extra leverage during sex and end up ripping it apart the first time we performed the Plow…

  3. You know that’s why I refuse to have a footboard on my bed. I sleep face down and I can’t stand to have my feet on the bed.

  4. Ok, I like this, it needs an equally innovative sheet and maybe a futon like form factor. I dunno, it looks very sculptural, I want to fold it, and roll it, and make it my own.

  5. A nice fitted sheet with plenty of slack in the middle could still allow this to work well. I think fewer gaps could also work as well and keep things simpler.

    For a long time I’ve wanted a mattress with a gap down by my feet so I can point my toes down while sleeping on my belly. Pointing my toes in sleep makes my hamstrings shorter for a full 8 hours, which makes them tight the next day, which can throw my back out eventually…

    Great idea! I hope Ikea steals it (DOH!)

  6. Looks like I’ll need to go patent my “Love Mattress sheet fitting tool” to sell to all the people who buy the bed and special sheets. Wield a bunch of thin metal bars together with the same spacing as the pads on the bed, held together by heavier bars at the edges and some special tool to help manage the entire thing from one side of the bed. ??? Profit!!!

  7. Brodie’s Question is now answered (Mallrats):

    Brodie: “You know how when someone lays with their back to you and you lay behind ’em really close and you throw one arm over ’em?”

    T.S.: “It’s called spooning.”

    Brodie: “Yeah, but you gotta put the other arm somewhere. You can either lay on it or just shove it between your bodies. The only other option is to stretch it above your head. But sometimes my arm pops out of socket when I’m sleeping like that. So I was constantly searching for someplace to keep my arm while still laying close to her.”

    T.S.: “And?”

    Brodie: “What do you mean ‘and’? That’s like a metaphor for our whole relationship.”

  8. I’ve designed this thing a few times in my head, but then the novelty of the relationship wore off.

  9. Another advantage of this design that you might not have thought of…because of the open slats the matress can be easily rolled up!

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