Love Mattress Prototype by Mehdi Mojtabvi


Although I shudder to think what sort of crusty bits my dog would find a way to insinuate into the slats, I think this "Love Mattress" concept by Mehdi Mojtabvi may have something to it. The middle section of the mattress is broken into slats, making it possible to wrap your arms around someone without cutting off your circulation, or sleep on your belly while sticking your feet straight down. The trick would be to make the slats tight enough that they would hold together when you weren't trying to use them, while still loose enough that they wouldn't squeeze too tightly when in use.

If someone does bring it to market, they probably shouldn't call it the "Love Mattress," despite that there may be a few lonely sleepers who may do just that.

Project Page [ via Freshome via InventorSpot]

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