Powramid: Conical Power Strip


Coming to a store near you after the Consumer Electronic Show 2008*, the tongue-tying "Powramid" is a nice little conical power strip that leaves all six plugs accessible even if filled with oversized wall warts. It won't be as pretty when it's filled with plugs, but I like it. Especially the little LED on the top.

I've given up trying to hide all my wires, zip-tying my power strips down under my desk and all that. I am embracing wires instead, confident that we'll eventually figure out how to remove them from our lives in the next decade or three.

Product Page [KreativePower.com (Nothing says "creativity" like using a "K" instead of a "C!") via Coolest-Gadgets via Oh Gizmo]

* Don't say "fuckfest." Don't say "fuckfest."

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