Hello Kitty Honda Motorcycle


After that last post, I don't want to think that I'm unwilling to wallow in needless consumption, middle phallus upturned to a sternly disapproving Mother Nature. When this world is nothing but dust I will ride across the glowing landscape on this Hello Kitty sportbike.

(I love that there is a Roman rune for "male" on the side, just in case you might mistake the owner for a female.)

Hello Kitty Motorcycle Honda NSR [KittyHell.com]

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  1. And they scoffed a little over a week ago when Sanrio suggested that there was a male market for Hello Kitty.

  2. Middle phallus? Wow… Perhaps you meant the middle of your phalanges?

    Yeah, umm, phallus = penis, phalanges = finger bones. What we’re looking for here is “middle digit” or, god forbid, even “middle finger.”

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