MODEM: Cold War Power Plant Transformed into Berlin Art and Music Venue


One of things I didn't get to do when I was last in Berlin was visit Ari Benjamin Meyers' "Modem," a new music and art space he's building from an abandoned 23,000 square meter power and heating plant which once provided all the heat for East Berlin. A pity, too, because not only is it a huge industrial space (which I love), it's full of crazy Cold War-era knobs and dials stenciled with inscrutable German labels. (At least to monolingual me.)

On the plus side, it gives me yet another reason to go back to Berlin!

The space isn't open yet from what I can tell, but it's going to be an amazing venue when it's completed. And for now you can look at the pretty pictures and imagine what it will be like to see shows inside.

Press Release, Project Site, and more images [Modem-Berlin]

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