Video: Toyota Celica Supra XX Commercial (1978)

This Japanese commercial works for me on many levels. First, as I was born in '78, I'm about to turn 30, and the handsome white-haired gentleman in the video (clearly Golgo 13's boss) gives me hope that I may remain dapper after I turn into an old man next month. Second, I love the Celica Supra and its far-forward mirrors. (Later, when Toyota split the line, they ended up producing one of my favorite Japanese supercars in the twin-turbo Supra.)

Lastly, I love that shooting the commercial in the unfinished tile bathroom deep in a basement makes it look like they're in the futuristic guest spa of the Ethereal Plane Mariott.

Here's what I can't figure out, though: What gets thrown in the seat at the end? Is it the woman's hose or the spy's tie?

[via TV in Japan]

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