Mark Stafford's Amazing Steampunk Lego Naboo Fighter


There's a contest going on in the LEGO fan community, with the aim to remix Star Wars in steampunk style. Don't ask me why I haven't been posting them all up here. I don't have an answer!

But I hope this design by Mark Stafford makes up for it. The more I look at his reimagined Naboo fighter, the more I'm amazed. The bone-like front lip made from Bionicle pieces. The chromed pipes coming out of the side of the turbines. The amazing puffs of steam coming out of the front boiler, made from ice cream elements. And in a stroke of genius, he's replaced the R2 unit with a monkey.

Mark Stafford, please build me a LEGO steampunk Star Wars woman so that I may marry her and make dozens of meaty minifig babies.

Royal Naboo AirForce 1 - Fighter Aircraft with Astro the Navigation Monkey [Brickshelf via The Brothers Brick]

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