"Readius" Fold-Up e-Paper Reader is Now a Phone, Too


Polymer Vision has been showing off this fold-out e-paper device for ages and it looks like it's finally going to hit production. Surprisingly, though, it'll share its chassis with a phone, reports Reuters.

Users will be able to set up their email accounts, news sources, podcasts, audio books and blog feeds at home on their computer, and the data is then pushed to the device whenever it is updated.

McGoldrick said the company opted to use this approach -- which rules out quickly browsing the Web on the go -- because it was simpler in a mobile environment.

No keyboard to start, but that's fine. I don't expect the "Readius" to be much of a game changer in this first model, but later iterations should explore one of the predominate visions of the near future, with scroll-like pull-out e-paper screens in full color.

No price or availability information yet, but I think it's reasonable to expect you'll have to lay out several bills for this one. Also, while this is the image from Polymer Vision included with the story, it looks exactly like all the mock-ups of the Readius I've seen in the past, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the shipping version look a little different.

Dutch firm launches phone with fold-away screen [Reuters.com]

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