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Camelbak, best known for their hydration backpacks with the "Bite-n-Sip" valve, have released a line of water bottles that incorporate the same valve, the better to prevent spills. I've got a generic Nalgene-type bottle I use for water all day, but when it's near empty the heavy cap often will pull it over, so I'm amenable to better cap solutions. On the other hand, I hate having to suck a trickle of water out of a bottle, preferring instead to gulp a torrent of tap water in quantity sufficient to feel the chill in my belly. The choices of first-world living are so harrowing!

Available in a few bland colors for $10 to $14, the Camelbak "Better Bottle" also has a clip on the lid for a carabiner, should you ever actually go outdoors.

Camelbak Better Bottle [Gear Patrol]

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