ZFlyer R/C Astronaut Mini-Helicopter


Since little helicopters remain one of my favorite things, I feel duty bound to mention this "ZFlyer R/C Astronaut" model, despite the fact it appears to be the least engaging iteration of the idea thus far. Instead of actual control by remote, a small sensor in the bottom recognizes when the flyer is about to touch the ground, spinning the rotors back up to gain altitude. The manufacturers suggest using it like a tiny, electric hacky sack.

Or at least I think there's a sensor in the bottom. It could just be the nature of the downward thrust of the rotors which cause it to gain height when there is something for the wash to push against. That would mean it would have to be perfectly balanced between weight, rotor speed, and battery strength, and knowing how cheaply these things are made I find it more likely that there's just a little sensor.

The ZFlyer is available in the UK for £25, but is currently out of stock.

Catalog Page [ThumbsUpUK.com via Geek Alerts] (Thanks, Ali P.!)

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