Octopuss Studios' "Silverfish" Aquarium


The oddly named "Silverfish" aquarium—isn't a silverfish aquarium a bookcase?—from Octopus Studios has six orbs connected by tubes, the better to let your fish reconfigure their own habitat while gargling the theme to The Jeffersons. Each aquarium is made-to-order for $3,400 minus gravel and fish. (Freshwater suggested.)

While the manufacturer says it's not much more difficult to clean than a standard rectangular tank, I think we all know that's a bit of understatement. Still, I like it a lot—although I think I'd like it a lot more if it had a more attractive base instead of something that looks like a TV stand from Wal-Mart.

Product Page [OctopussStudios.com via Oh Gizmo]

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  1. With a proper cleanup crew (snails, etc) it wouldn’t be that difficult to get most of the algae issues under control. It’d be quite difficult to siphon clean the substrate, and it’d be terrible for marine life as the manufacturer mentions, so it’s pretty much irrelevant to my interests.

    Pretty though. With the right residents it could be quite interesting.

  2. Considering the readership 😛 , I am flabbergasted at the notion of nobody calling this The Bong!

  3. Chuckling @ #1… infestations? They are gross, though, no doubt. And that is a bizarre name for an aquarium.

  4. Incredibly hard to clean – especially if you have alot of algae growth on the sides of those domes. Which would happen – more light exposure = more opportunities photosynthesis.

    And what happens when your little fish friend drops dead in a lower sphere? Or if you need to medicate the tank? I don’t think you’d get a very equal distribution of medications / food in that tank.

    I prefer the building-wide fish habitrails I’ve seen. Although if one of those lovely Cichlids died in the higher part, well… that’d be really fucked.


  5. They make these magnetic scrubbers for cleaning the inside of aquariums. It’s made of 2 magnets. One is the handle and the other is the brush. the brush goes on the inside of the tank and the handle on the outside. I have one for my flat sided aquarium and it works great. I’m sure it would work on this one.

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