Reader Asks: Where to Buy Anchor Rubber Bands?


Kirk writes:

Today I wrote about these fantastic items: "Cinch It anchor bands are rubber band with anchors. It sounds dumb but I've never found anything better for wrapping small wires, like iPod headphones."

The thing is I have no idea how to find these online! I first ran into them at the sadly-just-now-defunct (and very boingboingish) shop at Harvard Square "The Museum of Useful Things." Luckily their parent shop "Black Ink" still had some. I can't Google them anywhere, even "Shepard Medical Products" is mum about this lovely bit of elastic brilliance!

So I wouldn't mind enlisting boingboingers help in explaining where these come from, and if I need to stockpile more.

I found a place in Europe that sells them in a variety of sizes. Won't be cheap to import, I imagine, but you have an option, at least!

Rubber bands of the moment []

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