The Wine Rack: It's a Bra


The "Wine Rack" is a bra that can be filled with up to 25-ounces of fluid and emptied through a convenient bite-locked tube. There's no way to discuss this without offending someone, so I offer you a choice of three descriptions by which you can be scandalized:

• Boobze. (Bonus: Camelfront.)

• Perfect for duplicitous, predatory transvestites–as your shrinking breasts belie your masculine nature your guzzling target will be proportionately less concerned.

• Bubbly in your jubblies!

It's available only in size "small" at the moment for $30, but medium is on backorder.

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  1. Heh – nuts to alcohol. Use it to smuggle valuable water onto an aircraft so you can avoid dehydration on long flights.

  2. I figure this product is intended entirely as a way to force the TSA to either admit the liquids ban is pointless, or require removal of bras at the checkpoint. So as long as we’re offending everyone, I’ll note it sounds like win either way.

  3. A friend of mine brought this to a pub crawl. I asked her about it because I had seen the company’s other product, The Beer Belly, and I thought the bra was a great idea. She told me that the biggest problem was leakage.

    The Beer Belly sits around your midsection and the hose comes out by your mouth making the hose long and straight up and down. No spilling. The bra sits much higher and apparently leaks a lot. Blegh.

  4. Hmm..the next time some “girl” offers me a slurp on a tube coming from underneath “her” clothing, I will have to remember this..

  5. I can see the TSA people going ‘may i check your boobs, mam, if you are not carrying one of those british wonder bras?

    Question about the male product, the beer belly … does that have a pressure valve ? I mean beer and champagne and everything else with bubbles would probbaly not do that well in a plastic bladder …

    (“he jumped up and down until his beer belly exploded!!’ )

  6. Thank you for the announcement, nice to know that I may have to commit an act of public indecency the next time I fly. If I wore one of these full, I’d be pushing E territory, as well needing some chiropractic work.
    Also, who wants body teperature alcohol? I can see using it for water though, on hikes and such.

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