Moving Mario: Real-World Sidescroller

Keith Lam has built a prototype of his "Moving Mario" installation, which trades on the conceit that sidescrolling platform games aren't actually moving the avatar, but scrolling the background. In Lam's installation, the character (and the "screen") actually move left to right. Very cute—but I'm more curious to see how he'll animate all the blocks and enemies in the real world. It's like a Super Mario Bros. carnival game!

Project Page [ via Gadget Lab via MAKE]

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  1. What a delightfully weird idea. Now when he builds in the Koopas and Goombas I’ll be really impressed.

  2. Agreed, interesting idea…Odd line of reasoning/argument (which takes up far too much of the video)–moving the background vs. moving the character. In their example, it’s not that the character is moving in relation to the world, it’s that the (larger) world is moving in relation to the character.

    It’s all relative. ;^)

  3. Fundamentally flawed! In the Super Mario Bros., the character and camera move independently. And, more importantly the camera cannot move left, and Mario is not allowed to move out of the camera’s sight (without the use of pipes and castles).

    Now what should have been done is either have all 32 levels in a big loop or have minus world in a big loop. And disallow moving left. Optionally allow Mario to move a little bit to the left, but continue moving the TV apparatus when Mario goes back to the center of the screen and starts moving right again.

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