Wired Issue 1 Admired


Rex Sorgatz cracks the spine of Wired issue 1.1, the very first. I don't think I ended up getting Wired until a couple of issues in, shoplifted from my local Quiktrip, so it's especially interesting to see what all the fuss was about 15 years back.

There were probably two reasons why we loved the colophon: 1) we had no idea what a colophon was, and 2) it showed the means of production of the magazine. The colophon listed the computers (Apple Macintosh II), the printers (HP Scanjet IIc), the layout software (Quark XPress), and even the routers (Farallon). And then it concluded with some music (Dinosaur Jr., Curve, k.d. lang, etc.) and a final heading for "drugs of choice" (caffeine, sugar, Advil).

Wired 1.1: An Archaeology [Fimoculous.com via Waxy]

Update: The founding editor of Wired sent a long email to Fimoculous with more details about the backstory of Wired 1.1. [Filmoculous]

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