Arkitip x Wood Wood x Nike Black Viewmaster


Art magazine "Arkitip" collaborated with Danish collective Wood Wood to create this special black Viewmaster with display reels showing off their latest exhibition catalog. Somehow Nike is involved, too.

You can get one of your own for $45, hand-packaged and in limited, number edition of 1,500.

Order Page [ via Kitsune Noir via Notcot]

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  1. Hey, anyone know if the reels are stereographic images (3-d) or just the same image in both eyes? Far more interesting if they’re 3-d, but I somehow doubt it. (Their pics of the set are not clear enough to tell if there are critically-important minute differences between each frame to make them stereo.)

  2. [slapping inside elbow]

    Oh GOD I need these. I wonder if it’s possible to get the reels without the viewer; I already have a black View-Master, and the Nike swoosh doesn’t increase its value in my eyes, certainly not up to $45. It’s an old model, too; newer View-Masters are a bit more streamlined.

    @ #1 Calud9999: I’m pretty sure these are going to be 3D; I doubt they’d have gone to the trouble otherwise. And of course they won’t blow up the images enough to see the stereoscopic image. They want to sell them. Though I agree it would have been nice if they’d given at least one example, maybe even an outtake from the set.

  3. Nope, at least the artwork is not 3-d but there is additional art (or something) provided by Nike that is. Still a cool idea, but I’m more a stereo art collector than an Arkitip collector.

    —received this AM—

    Actually, it is a 3-D viewmaster and we had planned on making all the images 3-D, but all the art is only in 2-D. The deadline came too fast and we would have had to put all the art through a different digital setup so it was too late to change it. There are some other (Nike sponsored images) that are in 3D.

    Thanks for your interest in our products.

    Arkitip Customer Service
    Tracy Forman

  4. check out the Museum of Jurassic technology

    look in their store under optical devices

    they have had a black viewmaster with AMAZING images in 3-D for years and a variety of cool reels based on their exhibitions.

    and their black viewmaster is $ 3.99! All the reels are great.

    As a sidenote I have an original viewmaster camera, cutter and a wack of blank reels – I produced an edition of the Franklin expedition being stranded in the Canadian suburbs. More may follow.

  5. BB Gadgets entry on BurningCanoe, then! Waste not the bandwidth on “artistes” who render the use of stereoscopic technology pointless!

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