Blowing Out the Dust: Morning Edition

No AppleTV Support! – Interview with head of the XBMC port to OS X. [] [Prev.]

Stealing Thunder – The Mac Superstore in San Luis Obispo, California uses Mac Plus and SE/30s as doorstops. [Cult of Mac]

Hrm. – Apple files to protect their trademark with regard to "hand-held units for playing electronic games," other game-related terms. I am guessing this is just covering bases. They already have a game device. It's called "iPod." [Trademork]

I Actually Squealed – Publisher announces sequel to Puzzle Quest. No details yet. [Game|Life]

High Voltage! – Microsoft buys Danger, Inc., the people who designed and operate the back-end for the Sidekick. The Sidekick has one of the best mobile interfaces around but has been largely stagnant since its launch. It's also my impression (read: nebulous, vague inclination with no linkable source) that most of the real players at Danger have already left. [Microsoft]

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