Use This Picture Frame to Spy on Your English Wife


Oh, this is shady: a picture frame with a built-in microphone and a GSM phone. Call into the number assigned to the picture frame's SIM and listen in at any time, with stand-by time of up to two weeks.

It's £130 and includes a SIM card, but no service plan is mentioned. Presumably you could use any SIM and any service. The seller is in the UK and GSM frequencies are not listed, so I'm not sure if it'll work in the US.

Catalog Page [ via Coolest-Gadgets]

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  1. Because just talking to your spouse/partner and working out your problems like mature adults just isn’t as fun? Why don’t people communicate their displeasure anymore?

  2. @2 I think Joel was just being snarky… it could be used in any situation where you need to discreetly record auido. One legitimate example I can think of is psychological research. Start your study, have one of these set to record audio on the unsuspecting participants, inform them of the true nature after the study is done but before the audio is listened to, and if they object, the data is destroyed unopened. It is the same procedure already used in many social psych experiments, this is just a sleeker and more reliable way of doing it than the current practice of taping a dictaphone under the table.

  3. Or, for something really invasive, you can hide a Three EyeCam in the household tchotchke of your choosing and then call it from any UMTS video phone. Bingo, instant cellphone video spycam, including infrared emitters to ensure a clear night-time image. BTW this was on the market here in Australia for only a few months a couple of years ago. I can only suspect that the privacy concerns lead the company to pull it.

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