Energizer's "Light on Demand" LED Rechargeable Lamps


Energizer's "Light On Demand" products are LED lamps with battery backup, able to operate for up to 20 hours when the lights go out. And because they're from a battery company, each of the light sticks' batteries can be swapped with regular alkalines. Three products are designed to be plugged into an outlet: a desk lamp, a tabletop nightlight, and a wallplate nightlight. A motion-activated light and a wall sconce have to be recharged at a docking station.

I initially thought all the products in this series used a single type of lamp, but since different models have different listed running times when they're switched to battery power, I guess the only real innovation is that these are always-charged LED lights.

If your lights go out often I could see these being really nice. It is irritating to discover you're in a blackout but have forgotten to keep a flashlight around. That said, I can imagine that the majority of these lights will never be used as flashlights making the built-in battery superfluous and wasteful.

Target will have the retail exclusive on these until late summer. Prices have not been announced and the official website is down. (Would it be rude to suggest a battery backup for their webserver?) Update: Energizer tells me the prices will be "$24.99 - $69.99."

Press Release [PRNewswire.com via OhGizmo]

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