Roland FR-2 V-Accordion


Being gifted with a prodigious talent at playing one note on piano so repetitiously that I often lull myself to sleep (no joke), I've often thought that I would have been better served by the accordion. All that bellows-pumping would keep the blood flowing. Alas, my younger self thought accordion a dying instrument.

How shocked I would have been to stick my head through the slippery folds of time to gaze on the Roland FR-2 V-Accordion, with built-in drum loops, MIDI, and virtual bellows. (Well, the bellows are physical with "high-resolution pressure sensors," but you don't need to actually push air to make this squeezebox squawk. It's a synthesizer.) And of course the thing can be battery powered for hours of boardwalk busking. It does not appear to have a built-in speaker, though, which is baffling.

I will buy this as soon as I have three thousand dollars free of previous commitment or I become an accordion virtuoso, whichever comes first.

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