Tefal QuickCup: Hot Water in 3 Seconds


The Tefal QuickCup heats up hot water in three seconds, perfect for popping out a quick cup of tea, instant coffee or soups, or cocoa. A built-in replaceable filter, uh, filters* while a special heating coil dispenses about 8 ounces of piping hot water. And because it only heats the water that you're about to consume, it saves energy. (I hope they have a smart stand-by mode so you can leave it plugged in all the time.)

I've been keeping an electric kettle at my desk, drinking down a box of loose leaf green Earl Grey. My little $10 kettle is perfectly decent (and heats up water in about a minute), but if you were a die-hard tea drinker I could see this being very nice. It's $130 AU, and is available only in Australia or the UK. (I doubt there's enough of a tea drinking contingent here in the States to warrant a version for us.)

Product Page [QuickCup.com.au via Gizmag]

* I kept trying to think of a way to say "makes cleaner" but most tap water is perfectly clean.

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