Bedu: Emergency Shelter in a Barrel


More sci-fi concept than practical idea, I am nonetheless intrigued by the "Bedu" survival-annex-in-a-barrel idea by Toby McInnes, which crams a stove, tents, a radio and generator, medicine, and tools into a 50-gallon drum. Having just recently watched Into the Wild, I have a soft spot for survival and outdoors gear. I really want to go camping.

You know what I should do? Start putting together a camping trip for the spring. But instead of taking a few days off from blogging to do it, I should figure out how to power all my gear off the grid. Solar power would be a good option if I could get one of those roll-out panels. My Macbook Pro is heavier than I'd prefer—especially if I packed a second battery—but I don't think I want to buy a lighter machine just for this purpose. Perhaps I can get some sort of test model from someone.

What do you think I could pull off? I bet I could do a hike in one day, camp for two nights, then hike out the third day. Food would be easy, although water might be a hassle. The last time I hiked in to camp I ended up nearly running out of water on the way in. That would take some doing.

As for connectivity, I'd have to check the coverage maps, but there are several good trails running through the Hudson River valley that have good cell phone coverage. Five bars from the tops of mountains! I wouldn't be surprised if there were an EVDO node on some of those.

This is doable. Probably April at the earliest, depending on weather. I don't want to try to pack in the computer, food, water, and cold weather gear.

Emergency Response Unit [Yanko]

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