Unofficial LEGO MP3 Player


The "Homade LEGO MP3 player" is neither home-made nor officially a LEGO product, but its clever design—each nub is a button—is almost enough to convince me to make a purchase, despite a price of $46 with no built-in memory (it takes microSD) and a size considerably larger than a real LEGO element. (I can't quite figure out exactly how large the player might be, although I doubt it's 24 centimeters long as is stated on the product page. It uses a single AA battery for power, though, so that should give some rough idea.)

Catalog page [ via Technobob]

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4 Responses to Unofficial LEGO MP3 Player

  1. Kid says:

    Judging by the size of the headphone, it seems to be too big to fit with Lego.

  2. sabik says:

    Yeah, too big to be Lego… but is it Duplo?

  3. Knife Knut says:

    Shoot, Sabik beat me to it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    noobs you are on the site of homeloo ( they say that it is 6 * 3cm big

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