Echo Park Time Travel Mart Serves All Your Time Travel Needs


Dave Eggers and crew have opened another faux store to support their non-profit tutoring and writing centers. This one's in LA and sells time-travel-related products, including delicious Mammoth Chunks in five gallon cans, packets of shade, and anti-barbarian spray.

Product Catalog [ via io9]


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  1. The AB spray is snake oil. I used it on a couple of cimmerians and now I have to sit on a donut pillow.

  2. Those slushy-spinner parts look suspiciously like a dual flux capacitor setup. Different, sure, but maybe this is an updated version?

    And at the time travel store, no less! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. I went there next week and they weren’t open yet. I’m running low on Dead Languages and need to stock up. I guess I’ll try again last month and see if I can catch them open.

  4. I saw something about this a few days from now. There’s sister “stores” around the country, like Brooklyn Superhero Supply and The Space Traveler’s Mart in Chicago. It’s such a great idea to both fund the writing programs hidden inside and also attract and inspire kids. Damn, them McSweeney’s cats are creative!

    BTW, did you notice the Time Freezy Hyper Slush has a “Bubonic Plague” flavor? Fresh squeezed from rat-kings.

  5. You’re right, how presumptuous of me. I forgot about the berry bushes that sprout from rat-kings’ mass graves. Them’s good eatin’.

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