USB Word-Per-Minute Speedometer


In what would surely be a depressing addition to my work desk, the "USB WPM Speedometer" tracks your typing speed and daily word count, displaying them on a handsome analog dial (which is nested in a less-than-handsome chassis with a flower-shaped vent and a non-functional second gauge). Custom software is necessary to monitor your output, of course, and I suspect the £20 Speedometer's software will be Windows-only when it arrives in mid-March. (Call it a hunch.)

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5 Responses to USB Word-Per-Minute Speedometer

  1. se7a7n7 says:

    How long would it take someone to make a free widget that does the same thing? Like 30 minutes?

  2. w000t says:

    This would be a great gift for a novelist whom you wished would commit suicide.

  3. MrScience says:

    W000t: Indeed. This fellow wrote one in an evening, during a month-long application-a-day self challenge:

  4. peterjlupoesq says:

    SE7A7N7 says: “How long would it take someone to make a free widget that does the same thing? Like 30 minutes?”
    You are doubtless correct, but it is the tactile fisher price feel of this gadget that is its selling point.
    Widget-gauged typing would be work.
    This is play.

    Peter J. Lupo Esq.

  5. michaelportent says:

    This is hilarious. Now I can see how horribly-atrociously slow I type! =P

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