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  1. When I read the headline, I initially had the impression that by “realworld,” you meant that they make little bitty LEGO weapons that actually shoot little bitty LEGO bullets. I would pay two bucks for that.

  2. I love that they call their little Islamic terrorists “bandits.”

    I want human-sized Lego weapons. (No, not really.)

  3. I am totally impressed with the concept and execution of these… though they are a little too war-mongery for my tastes.

  4. You know, as I child I always wished that Lego would come out with some grenades for my dudes to throw at eachother, but those small pieces might have been swallowed by children or some crap.

    The box-o-boom is awesome.

  5. I wish they would make more ancient/medieval weapons. I would kill to have a tiny LEGO phalanx or a clan of ashigaru spearmen at my disposal.

    That being said, I just ordered my colonial marine. The perfect minifig to nuke the planet from orbit, the only way to be sure.

  6. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Colonial Space Marine shown is in a similar pose to the icon beside the BB GADGETS title above.

    Joel, does this fellow have a name like Jackhammer Jill does?

  7. Heh. When I was a kid in the late 70’s-early 80’s, my hippie dippie parents forbade me from having any sort of violent toy (which really, really sucked, since that included Star Wars action figures!) Lego was the one toy that passed the mom seal of approval around our house (“creative *and* nonviolent!”) Naturally, being a prepubescent boy, I learned quickly how to make awesome weapons *out of* Lego bricks… and, lo, there was much “pew-pew-pew”-ing.
    These meticulously crafted minifig guns would have ensured a Lego ban at my house… I’m glad they didn’t have those back then. Of course, now that I’m a grown-up, I can buy enough minifig weaponry to outfit a miniature army…

  8. My 12 year old has bought (and cajoled out of his Grandparents) a passel of Brickarms figures and weapons. He uses them in his stop motion animations. They’re very high quality.

  9. Barely related, but thanks to all the LEGO posts here and over on Gizmodo I’ve been fiddling around with the small collection of pieces I have, and just last night ordered a couple of 100+ piece grab bags!

    Great stuff!

  10. The Institute for the Future? Is that, like, the whole future? I didn’t know it was such a powerful voting bloc.

  11. All right, I dunno how that ended up here, since I didn’t even have this thread open. Eh.

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