Peggle for iPhone Confirmed


Among a mostly bullshit press release from Apple this morning about 100,000 copies of the iPhone SDK having made their way to developers' computers, perhaps the most important announcement in mobile gaming since Dope Wars was ported to my old Treo:

"Apple's become an important mobile game platform with the iPhone SDK," said Jason Kapalka, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, PopCap. "The new SDK gives us the tools to innovate and reinvent games like Bejeweled, Zuma and Peggle. With the new App Store we can reach every iPhone and iPod touch user on the planet." [emphasis added]

Okay, maybe the most important mobile gaming announcement to me.

I'm actually curious to see if they change the Peggle playfields to the widescreen format of the iPhone or leave it 4:3 like all the previous versions. That will actually have some gameplay repercussions.

iPhone SDK Downloads Top 100,000 []

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  1. Peggle for iPhone Confirmed – thousands predicted to die of starvation glued to their I-phones.

  2. … evil …
    Peggle is evil
    I love and hate Peggle.

    I’ve gotten through every level and managed to completely clear about 10 of them.

    Now if someone comes out with a decent eBook reader for the iPhone I’ll have no reason not to get one.

  3. Of all the iPhone’s features and innovations, this is probably the one that would push my to break my Verizon contract. I hate myself.

  4. I’ve adamantly resisted the evil allure of the iPhone, but peggle may push me over the edge. In addition to that the 3g version comes out just after my even eviler contract with Verizon is up.

    Is there some techno-saviour I can pray to for redemption from this temptation? Maybe I just have to keep reminding myself that purchasing an iPhone dooms me into installing and using iTunes. *whew*, that was close.

  5. This is the worst news of all time for me. I am one completed level away from finishing Peggle on my Mac – and then this addiction was supposed to be over.

    It started when I played nonstop and won adventure mode. After doing that, some of the challenges weren’t too bad. But I was never going to finish the multi stage challenges. Of course I did, and then I won the impossible challenges; all of them.

    Then I started clearing the stages. But some of them seemed impossible. One by one, sometimes it would take days, I cleared every stage. And now I’ve completely finished 54/55 stages. All that’s left is the UFO stage. And now this… they’re coming out with a new version! It’s not fair!

    For those worried about my health or sanity (I’m sure none of you), Peggle has done more to keep me sane while on conference calls than anything else I’ve ever tried.

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