Ornate Steampunk LEGO Mecha


It's a shock you don't see more steampunk LEGO, really, considering all the gears and cogs available from old Technic sets. This model, by "Morgan19," is called the "Dardenbahst," a mecha with custom-painted golden touches which just gets better the more I look at it. It's far more functional and possible-looking than most. He even made a nice schematic image which you can see at the link below.

The LEGO builder community just keeps getting better. I don't know if I'm just paying more attention lately or what, but we may be entering a renaissance.

The crazy steampunk machine [Brothers-Brick]

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  1. very Final Fantasy VI, wouldn’t you say? I hadn’t really noticed, but FF has been steampunkin’ for years.

  2. Joel, sorry to stepping-stone your post to get a message back to Cory (who linked this on the front page), but:

    ..an ornate, steampunk mecha made from Legos

    Cory, I’m truly let down.. I thought you were one of the good guys.

    I’m gonna reopen the old, toxic-waste-scale, can-of-worms internet phenomena that is: the plural of LEGO is “LEGO”.

    (or technically, but not colloquially; LEGO bricks)

  3. Cory said “legos”.
    (see main BB pages)
    He really should know better.
    No such word.
    People who say legos are such sheeps!

  4. Oops – Arkizzle beat me!
    Let’s form a society – the Anti legos Lego campaign – ALL Campaign!

  5. Yeah I thought that Cory would have seen the light from living in the UK. He’s still got a lot to learn .

  6. But there’s nothing protecting the pilot. You have to have a cover of some kind otherwise the Squiddies will get right in there and drill you.

  7. Aren’t all words ultimately “made up” for one reason or another?

    So why use any of them cromulently if not to embiggen the language?

  8. I love the fact that the debate here on a non-LEGO blog (though one could argue Joel is fast turning BB Gadgets into a LEGO blog) is all about the pluralization of LEGO. Heh heh.

    I agree completely that it feels like there’s a lot of new, excellent stuff going on in the LEGO fan community — “renaissance” is indeed a good word choice.

    BTW, “Morgan19” is a UK LEGO fan named Jamie Spencer. He’s one of my favorite builders, and his presentation is always excellent.

    Thanks for the linkage, Joel!

  9. first papercraft x lolcatz, now this!omg stop it you guys you could start up a black hole or something…

  10. In this instance, I am quite glad that someone beat me to the punch. Ask any of my meatspace friends and they will certainly tell you that I have uttered that same well-worn phrase: “The plural of Lego is Lego.” Had I been more vigilant at noticing when the comment system came back online, I might have even been timely.

    Still, absolutely amazing. I like how it is a fairly stout shape, yet still detailed. The stance speaks of directed, forceful action.

    It is so stylish, though, the owner/pilot might want to think about making it available for birthday parties and weddings…

  11. I’m proud to announce that you can now win your very own Kreigerhund (the little brother of the Dardenbahst) from Jamie “Morgan19” Spencer!

    My site, http://www.BuySteampunk.com has teamed up with him to offer this and a custom-painted steampunk minifig as prizes in an art contest.

    Users submit their artistic renditions of the Dardenbahst or Kreigerhund (or both together) and Jamie will pick his favorite. That person will receive the minifig.

    Shortly after submissions close on 4/30 I’ll be posting all of the submissions for users to vote on and the winner of that will receive the Kreigerhund!

    Full contest details and pics of the Kreigerhund and minifig prizes can be found directly at:

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